Horse race giant game for fundraising and school fetes for hire in Southampton

Horse Race Giant Game – £45 to hire

A giant game which is played by six people.

A colourful game played with six giant wooden horses (32″ high).  The game is played on a large mat and is suitable for indoors and outside.  Perfect as a fundraising game where contestants roll the dice to see who will win the race.

The two dice are rolled and the numbers shown dictate which horses move forward by one space only.   First horse to the end of the track wins.

The mat is in three parts, so if space is tight or for a shorter race, you can just use two mats.

Horse race evening giant game hire in Southampton

Horse Race Giant Game – £45 to hire


Each mat is 142″ wide and 87″ long – three mats provided.

The giant dice at each one foot cubed.

The horses are approximately 32″ high with a base of 25″ x 18″.  They are not too heavy and can be lifted and moved by children.

This is a traditional village fayre game and does have some signs or wear and tear (see photos).