Open the Box / Unlock the Door - fundraising game Hire

Open the Box – £5 to hire

Open The Box is a simple, versatile and easy to run game of chance that is ideal for retail promotions, fetes, trade exhibitions or game nights.

There are twelve keys – only one opens the box.  Customers pick a key and if it opens the door they win a prize.

Use it to raise funds at your fete or fundraising event.

The box comes with 12 keys in a drawstring bag.


Please note: The depth of the frame inside is 32mm which provides enough space for a voucher or picture of a prize rather than the actual prize itself.

  • Timber and MDF construction
  • Width: 262mm
  • Height: 272mm
  • Frame Depth: 35mm
  • Base Depth: 104mm



This is a table top game.