Hoop and Loop Pirates Revenge Drinking Game

Hook and Loop Pub Ring Toss Game – £15 to hire


A large version of a traditional pub drinking game which can also be played as a ring toss game for family parties.

Great for BBQs or pub themed events.

Size: 59cm across the top, base is 48cm across and height is 40cm

Table required for this game.


Drinking Game (with or without alcohol):

Fill a shot glass and place it in the centre ring so that two empty rings are facing each player.  Each player then readies themselves with their ring in their hand, pulled back, ready to swing towards the hook on the center post.  Countdown, and then release your rings.  Each ring you get on the hook allows you to move the shot glass one ring closer to your opponent.  Swing as fast as possible to push the shot glass off your opponent’s side of the board.

If the shot glass makes it off the board to you, you have to take the drink.