Village Fete Treasure Map Game

Village Fete – Treasure Map Grid Game – £3.50 to buy (plus postage)


Cost price of £2.95 – Postage is £2.30 (second class large letter) – please email.  Multiple maps can be sent for £3.00 postage.


A great game which can either be used for fundraising or just as a fun extra for birthday parties, etc.

Treasure map is A2 in size and has a grid of 49 squares.

Secretly select a square to hide a stash of treasure.  Put the written location in the lucky envelope provided.

Invite players to quess where the treasure is hidden (stickers for initials).  The player that chooses the correct or nearest square wins!



Sell each square for set price and winning square gets the prize at the end of the day!

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